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The truth about Cosplay Pikachu!

More has been revealed about the Pikachu wearing creative costumes. The truth is that this Pikachu is a star Pokémon that’s wildly popular in Pokémon Contest Spectaculars. It goes by the name Cosplay Pikachu! The heart-shaped mark on its tail is its signature, and it absolutely loves fashion. By dressing up in different costumes, it can steal the show in all kinds of contests!

After you take part in your first contest, you will be able to get this Cosplay Pikachu on your team. You can change Cosplay Pikachu’s costumes anytime in the green room at any Contest Hall. Note: Other Pikachu that you catch or obtain cannot dress up in these costumes. Only the Cosplay Pikachu that you receive at the Contest Hall can dress up in contests. 

A male Pikachu has a tail shaped like a lightning bolt. The end of a male Pikachu’s tail is straight.

The end of a female Pikachu’s tail is shaped like a heart.

Cosplay Pikachu has a black heart-shaped mark near the end of its tail.

(Source: thewinterstag)